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Custom Handmade Upholstery

No two pieces of work ever look the same in our portfolio. Our custom upholstery is all about you. Every stitch, every hem, every thread, and every design, is driven with the sole purpose to keep our customers happy with choosing us!

Custom Handmade Upholstery

Our Work

Auto Uphostery

Automotive interior restoration and trim specialists. transform your vehicle with 
new custom seats, steering wheel, dashboards, and more.

Commercial Uphostery

Is your business in need of modern furniture? you need a skilled professional to put life back into your old business furniture. 

Home Furniture

Give new life to that old couch, chair, or booth, we specialize in creating & 
delivering customer upholstered pieces that are catered to your specifications.


We're a leader in custom marine upholstery, our high-quality custom-made boat seats and cushions combine uniqueness and durability.

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